Quarry Road, Springfield Industrial Park was the place to be for adrenaline junkies, speed seekers and car enthusiasts on late Saturday night. Gathered in their crowds, bystanders awaiting the drag races to follow were left shunned after police arrived to disperse the crowds, however this didn’t stop these junkies from getting their dose of need for speed as they tried to sneak to other locations to continue but in vain.

Police were much aware of the illegal event and therefore patrolled the racing hotspots. However, this didn’t stop one thrill seeker from strutting his stuff behind the wheel, local speedster Adil Dehal took to private property to show-off his BMW 325iS do circular burnouts, or a stunt commonly known as ‘doughnuts’ on the street.

“People think we’re crazy, doing all of this is a waste of money. We hear it all the time but what they don’t get is that for us, it gives us a rush of adrenaline, it’s a thrill! It’s what we grew up to love, it’s become our passion just like any athlete loves their sport, this is ours! Yes, it’s dangerous and sometimes deadly but so is walking on the streets at night but you got to do what you love because you don’t get a second chance on Earth but if we had a drag strip it would be much safer. Hence a legal safe place to do what we are passionate about would be a great advantage. I think motorsport in Durban should be given more attention. If you look at Top Gear’s success and revenue it’s brought to Durban, I really do think it would be a plus to build a race strip here. In regard to the deaths of youngsters and first-time racers, any life lost is sad whether they’re racing or hijacked. The only thing that’s certain in life is death and all we can do is try and make it safe so people can have a better chance though this type of racing takes a lot of practice and understanding, you can’t just get behind the wheel and expect Fast and Furious. It’s a death-wish. I started driving at a very young age so I knew how to handle a car before I got my license, as in anything you do practice makes perfect and perfection comes with determination.” said Dehal when asked for his opinion on drag racing.

By: Candice J. Singh


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