ANALYSIS #2 – The Budget 2016

Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, has announced the R1.5 trillion budget in Parliament, on Tuesday (February 24, 2016).This came into play after the Treasury plans to reduce the budget deficit over the tough three years ahead.

Pravin Gordhan

Credit 1 – Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan (Mail & Guardian)

The R2.5 billion assigned to clear the outstanding student debt for 2015 is unnecessary. This would lead to more students not paying back the monies that directly paid for them to be in a place, which they are obliterating.

Funding for higher education is a crucial matter for our country. But, there is a question that must be asked to clear the air around this #FeesMustFall campaign; “Are students appreciating the funds that are given to them?”

A whopping R8 billion was allocated for the medium term. These funds are necessary in order to pave the way for our future leaders. But, are South Africans willing to pay the price for the #FeesMustFall campaign with their jobs and a rise in tax?

Paying for tertiary studies is rather difficult; this is where the NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) comes into play. As the future students that have the opportunity to study further, they should rather appreciate it more, and destroy it less.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”  If tertiary studies are going to be free, how are universities going to run? The #FeesMustFall campaign is on the verge of setting off a domino effect; there would be a higher unemployment rate due to university staff not being paid a “fair wage” for their services. Education should have been the key factor in decreasing the divide, but it seems to be increasing it.

The taxpayers’ monies that are being allocated towards the NSFAS seem to be a waste at the current moment. This will not add to our fiscus, but rather diminish it even further. This money could have been put to better use, because students are vandalising and destroying the institutes in whichthey are studying. This would raise a major concern for taxpayers as to whether their money is being used for a good cause, or an encouragement for arrogance.

By: Candice J. Singh


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