Salutations, Ladies! Take a Bow.

~ Females in Male-dominated Industries: A day in the life of Hansu Singh ~

Around the world today, many women are breaking barriers and are creating a name for themselves in the massive male-dominated world we live in. Many of these male-dominated industries have put aside their egos and accepted equality between men and women within the company. This has proved to be a success.
I know one such woman and fortunately she was kind enough to let me spend a day with her in her world. Hansu Singh has been employed at an automotive and industrial spares company for the past 28 years. She began as a stock control clerk and a short while after was promoted to sales representative. At the initial stages on the job, she did experience the usual discrimination faced by women in this kind of industry; when customers doubted her abilities to provide them with their required products and opted to be helped by men. However, this has changed drastically over the many years that she has served in the company. Hansu’s daily routine consists of both counter and tele sales. She has gained a vast knowledge on the equipment she sells, and strives to excel amongst her peers. Her expertise includes the sales of bearings, seals and fan belts, to name a few. Hansu works an 8:00am-17:00pm shift five days a week, and an 8am-12:30pm shift every alternative Saturday. In 2013, Hansu celebrated 25 years of dedication and loyalty to the company.
Hansu Singh is indeed an inspiration and a source of empowerment to women in this field of work.

By: Candice J. Singh


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