ANALYSIS #1 – The 2016 Municpal Elections


The 3rd of August 2016 marked an important day in the lives of South Africans. It was the day of the 2016 municipal elections. A day that comes to pass once every five years, and once again it is up to fellow South Africans to choose a leader worthy of taking the country forward… apparently.

The build-up to this year’s election was much hyped about. The South African media dedicated itself to bringing the people the best coverage of the campaigns run by the political parties and the news that surrounded it. This year, saw three major parties battling it out for the votes of the people. The African National Congress, the Democratic Alliance and not forgetting, the Economic Freedom Fighters.
By the early morning of August 3rd, like me, most South Africans made their decision on the party they had chosen to vote for.

Upon arrival at my registered voting station, it was surprising to see supporters of the ANC seated comfortably under a tent, whilst the DA supporters struggled with the heat of the sun. There were no signs of any supporters from other political parties. The volunteers from the IEC made it known to us that there was free WiFi at this year’s election. Free WiFi? for the elections? That’s a way to get youngsters to vote I thought!
Anyway, it was a good way to kill time while waiting in line to cast a vote. Progress for SA taking that into consideration. The wait ended, I cast my vote, hoped for the best and saw myself out of the voting station awaiting the news for the results.

The results report for the elections is a news segment itself. The outcome of the election for every South African is similar to the reactions they give to different genres of movies. Very interesting to watch or listen to.Whatever genre is chosen, the highest amount of votes countrywide, however, like always belongs to the governing party. The ANC.
The 2016 Municpal Elections was indeed a show to watch. I sure enjoyed it!

Check out the IEC website for more details on the election process: Electoral Commission of South Africa


By: Candice J. Singh


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