Introduction to A Wedding Story… ~The Wedding of NISHAAN & SUREKHA~ #WeddingVibes


When we talk of Indian weddings, there’s a slight pause… and suddenly everyone thinks of those flashy, elegant dance sequences in Bollywood movies where the bride and groom are seen heavily choreographed to a bass rocking song… Well, to an extent, that’s how it normally is but the most important part of it all is the fact that two people believe in an institution that will forever unite them as husband and wife.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to one such extravagant wedding. Nishaan Rooplall and Surekha Sahadeva recently tied the knot in a traditional Hindu wedding at the Kendra Hall in Durban. A full-on three day affair comprising of a Sangeet,Thiluk and Hurdee (or Haldi) ceremonies and the big day itself.What colourful, vibrant and blissful affair it was!

My following posts will bring to you some of the moments I captured from the splendid affair. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering about Hindu weddings.
Check out Hindu Wedding Traditions.

Live tweets #WeddingVibes
Check out my photography page for the full update.

Here’s a teaser video to get you excited!

By Candice Singh


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