InTroDucinG… ME! (^^,)

HaLfo 7

Leap of faith! This is me 🙂

Hi I’m Dory, and I have short-term memory loss” *JOKE*!!! Just kiddin’…

Hiya! My name is Candice Singh (@TheCandiceSingh). Born and bred in Durban. Proudly Sunny-South African of Indian descent! A #JesusFreak!
I am a third-year Media Studies student with a Major in Journalism, who’s in love with photography and movies. Curiosity is my poison and I have a PhD in perception.  Politicians remind me of Pennywise, the clown… only they, make me laugh!

I have an interest in almost everything.  I aspire to travel the world for personal satisfaction; documenting my experiences along the way. However, before I document the world, its best that I start documenting the place where it all begins… my hometown, Durban. As a rookie photographer and journalist, I will share with you my life’s most exciting moments, – in the form of photographs and videos! I will also be analysing newsworthy stories affecting South Africa and well, me! These stories will focus on politicians, sportsmen, celebrities, events and the works.
Here it goes… Happy Reading! 🙂

By: Candice J. Singh


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